How to Make Your Black Friday Bargain Even Better

Look at all those price drops! You’ve been watching and waiting for so long, eyeing off that new tech and having big plans for the day you get to bring it home. Each time a sale popped up, you’ve been so tempted to go for it, but the price wasn’t quite right…until now. Hello Black Friday!

It’s better than Christmas, better than your birthday, because now you can finally get the exact gadget you’ve been lusting after. With prices so low, you might even be able to swing the next model up and still save a bundle on tech like:

The latest laptop that doubles as a tablet – and weighs in from a featherlight 1.76lbs (766g) …

A new wireless printer or 3D printer to really blow your mind…

Or even a powerful router so you can stream movies in full HD (and run your Smart Home devices with full connectivity) …

But can you use it straight away?

Forget the struggle of lining up for hours, surging through to get the ‘door buster’ specials first, or playing tug of war over the latest Chromebook, the real drama begins when you get your new tech home.

No, we’re not talking about getting it out of the packaging, although that can be ridiculously difficult. We’re talking about getting that new tech to work the way you want it to, and leaving demo mode far behind.

That means talking to ALL your devices, loaded up with all your files and preferred software, and hooked up exactly the way it should be – without calling the emergency ‘I’m stuck’ support number, or waiting for the in-store techs to schedule you in…sometime next month.

This Black Friday, we’re getting you up and running faster, with lightning-fast turnaround on:

  • Initial setup and connectivity
  • Backup and migration from old devices
  • Installing alternate operating systems
  • Installing and configuring your software
  • Network setup and firewalls
  • Online security measures such as antivirus

Call us at (416) 848-6218 or 1 (888) 268-2564 to get your Black Friday purchase fully set up and customized.

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