Basic Business Web Presence

Your business web presence is more important than ever before. In today’s technology-driven world you need a strong web presence that delivers real value to your customers, sales prospects and business partners to be successful. Keeping track of what segments of your web presence are working well and what needs your attention can be challenging. Your full web presence can includes elements of digital marketing, website performance, search engine optimization (SEO), social media, website content optimization, email marketing and more. It’s a lot to keep track of.

Simple, effective websites don't have to cost you a fortune!

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Drag & Drop editing and Complete Templates to create your Web Presence in minutes, not weeks.

Buying tools and templates to create your website quickly and easily is both time consuming and potentially expensive for business owners not already familiar with Web Development. At, we have purchased "Unlimited User" licenses so that all of our clients have premium tools and templates available to create and edit websites in minutes.

Don't want to mess with a website, even if it's fast and easy? These same time saving tools allow our web developer to create a website for your business in lightening fast time, making the cost of a simple website project typically only a few hours of work. (Initial consultation, design, review, updates, and final sign-off before going live.)

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Looking for more than just a Basic Web Presence?

We can help with that too!

Our Web Presence Assessment Service delivers a clear process for measuring and assessing your online visibility and performance to help grow your business. 

Sometimes referred to as an SEO audit or a website audit, this service extends beyond standard SEO and provides comprehensive research and analysis of your business web presence. Plus it delivers clear, actionable recommendations and next-steps for improvements.

No vague generalities or complex technical jargon. Just clear information and steps for boosting your business web presence.

“Measurement is a vital tool for succeeding in the rapidly changing online world”

How Our Assessment Service Delivers Value:

Visibility:  Provides a comprehensive 360 degree view of your website performance, search engine performance, social media presence, and email marketing campaigns.

Insights: Identifies current issues and potential future problems with your website and business web presence that may cause lost sales or have a negative impact on your business image or brand.

Low Cost: The service has a fixed cost with no future commitment or recurring monthly fees.

Reporting: Includes a written report with analysis, findings and actionable recommendations.

Data: Provides clear numerical data used to identify specific areas for improvement.

Metrics: Identifies key metrics and measurements, useful now and in the future.

Clarity: Helps you understand sometimes complex concepts and terms in plain English.

Leverage: Delivers objective information to help your business better leverage its online marketing efforts to grow sales.

Planning:  Provides a set of clear benchmarks for current planning and future reference.


Elements of your organization

Risk Assessment and Threat Modeling
First, we identify the risks and the likelihood of threats. Then we’ll work with you to make sure your most sensitive data is absolutely secure. Finally, we’ll put together a plan that includes likely points of attack and data theft targets, and stop hackers cold.

Proactive Incident Response Planning
Acknowledge that breaches are likely to occur eventually, and adopt incident response plans. A proactive approach to incident response planning means testing the plan to improve its effectiveness, and ensuring that personnel is trained to limit its damage.

Dedicated Cyber Security Resources
Not all businesses have the budget to hire an individual who specializes in cyber security. An alternative is to outsource essential services to companies that fit their budget.

Network security is a paramount concern for businesses, as new threats are always popping up. The challenges faced by small and mid-sized businesses are unique, requiring a different approach to developing effective security policies. Small businesses are often at greater risk of cyber crime due to insufficient resources.

Automated scanners and botnet malware don’t care what size a company is. Viruses take many different forms, but they all have the same MO: first, they search for a chink in the armor, and then they dig into the network. Viruses and malware ultimately take your information and send it back to an unknown server. Using managed solutions, smart planning, and best practices, businesses can reduce risks and minimize data theft. Security consists of a multi-layered approach. We provide solutions built from the ground up to address your business’ risks and budget.

What You Receive from a Web Presence Assessment:

Our service delivers a clearly written, easy to understand report supported by data and a clear list of actionable steps for a business to improve its web presence. Each Assessment includes: 

Professional analysis of your web presence including website performance, search engine performance, social media presence, and email marketing presence.

Written report (25-pages) that is clearly written and jargon-free with specific recommendations and actionable steps for improvements.

Full Website Audit Data used in the analysis and reporting process. This data can provide additional information and details that will be useful to your web developers and designers, now and in the future.

Phone consultation –  Personal contact to review the findings and recommendations in the report and to answer related questions.

“What gets measured gets improved.” – Peter Drucker