Psst … What’s Your Master Password?

All of us like to think we are unique. That thinking extends to our passwords too, right? We’re special and distinct, so no one could guess our chosen collection of letters, numbers and symbols. Well, it’s surprisingly easy for algorithms to determine passwords and to do so extremely quickly. So, a password manager is a […]

How to Prevent Password Spraying Attacks

Bad cyber actors are what the kids these days would call “try hards.” They do everything they can think of to get into your accounts. One tactic is password spraying. In case you don’t know about it, this article gives the basics and shares strategies to prevent this type of attack. You’re probably familiar with […]

How to Safely Retire Old Devices

It’s inevitable that we’ll retire old devices to upgrade to the latest and greatest. A new laptop, desktop, or phone is exciting. Yet, before you get too distracted by your shiny, new device, take the time to safely retire the old one. When buying the new device you may take trade-in value. Otherwise, you may […]

The Unexpected Benefits of Password Managers

The main advantage of a password manager is obvious to anyone with more than one account online (i.e. everyone). Instead of remembering all 100 usernames and passwords, the password manager autofills them. It’s a boon. But it’s not the only reason to use a password manager. This article shares several more unexpected benefits. Password manager […]

3 Reasons to Avoid Signing in With Facebook or Google Accounts

Nine out of ten times today when you visit a website you’re asked to sign in. To add convenience, many sites offer the ability to sign in using a Facebook or Google account. Sure, it’s simpler, but this article will share three key reasons why you might want to avoid this easy route. It’s estimated […]

Got A Bad Case Of Password Exhaustion?

Got A Bad Case Of Password Exhaustion? You’re not alone! Most people use the same password everywhere – home, work, Gmail, Facebook… even for banking.Considering how many passwords we’re expected to remember and use on a daily basis, password exhaustion is a very real thing. It’s no wonder that when yet another prompt for a […]