“Help, I Dropped My Laptop!” Now What?

Dropping your laptop is not a good idea. Trust us: this is not a statement you want to test. Still, it can happen. Typically, this happens in painful slow motion where the laptop is just out of your reach to recover it in time. Dropping a laptop doesn’t always lead to damage, but it will […]

Say Goodbye to 100 Passwords with Passkey Sign-on

The average individual has 100 passwords to remember, according to a NordPass study. Apparently, no one has studied how many we actually remember versus how many we reset over and over. No matter. New developments could save us from having to remember passwords altogether, as major players are moving to a single passkey sign-on approach. […]

How to Select a Computer Repair Business

Something is broken! The laptop is whirring. The computer won’t power up. In either case, you’re staring at a blank, blue screen. Yet you can’t live without your computer. You need to find a computer repair business. But what should you look for? This article will help you make your choice. If a computer or […]

Refurbished Computer and Laptops Worth Another Look?

If you’re in the market for a new computer or laptop, you’ve likely noticed a few things. Technology is more expensive, and there are long waits to get the devices you want. This article will explain the current computer and laptop supply-chain issues. Then, we’ll offer reasons to consider refurbished devices to meet your needs. […]

Picking a PC for Video Editing

Ready to be the next TikTok breakout? Or perhaps you want a video of your cockatoo “singing” “Amazing Grace” to go viral. Or you may make company promotional videos while working from home. There are many reasons you might be looking for the right home computer to do video editing. This article will help. Yes, […]

Is Your Graphics Card Going Bad?

Whenever you create a graph on your computer, you’re going to need a graphics processing unit (GPU). Without one, you won’t see anything on your computer screen. So, obviously, it’s a problem when it starts to fail. This article discusses signs to look for and what to do. First, what does the graphics card do? […]

Psst … What’s Your Master Password?

All of us like to think we are unique. That thinking extends to our passwords too, right? We’re special and distinct, so no one could guess our chosen collection of letters, numbers and symbols. Well, it’s surprisingly easy for algorithms to determine passwords and to do so extremely quickly. So, a password manager is a […]

Picking Your Home PC browser: Chrome vs. Edge

Selecting your home computer was challenging enough. Now, we’re asking you to decide on the right PC browser, too? When will the decisions end? At least we’re making the comparison easier. This article helps you decide if Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge works best for you. It’s estimated that the average individual spends almost a […]

Ransomware a Risk for You, Too

Ransomware headlines focus on interrupted hospital services or downtime at several major brands. But ransomware can just as easily infect your home computer. When you’re a victim of ransomware, you aren’t able to do anything on your computer. Cybercriminals encrypt your files and demand you pay a ransom to unlock your device. They’ll ask for […]

Why Wait to Upgrade to Windows 11 at Home

Upgrade. Always upgrade. It’s a persistent mantra for technology. And, after all, what homeowner doesn’t want to have the latest-and-greatest tech available? Still, you may want to wait to upgrade to Windows 11 if you have the Microsoft operating system (OS) in your home. Look at it this way, when software is first delivered, the […]