SMBs Can Become a Weapon in Cyberwarfare

Headlines today highlight Ukrainian tragedy or North Korea testing missiles. It can seem far away from your business, yet battles are being fought online, too. Your small business’s IT systems could be weaponized for cyberwarfare. That statement may surprise you. You’ve heard of cyber targets such as: critical national infrastructure; election and voting organizations; military […]

Understanding the Cost of Downtime

Business downtime is costly. Research abounds on just how much it can set a business back. Some small businesses can’t even rebound from the expenses associated with downtime. This article outlines the many expenses a business can encounter as a result of downtime. What do we mean by downtime? There are many reasons a business […]

Supply Chain Shortages Making It Hard to Buy IT

Have you somehow missed the ceaseless news about the current global supply-chain challenges? Probably not. You could be experiencing it firsthand. This article highlights business technology supply-chain challenges and how to handle them. The computer chip and semiconductor shortage is an IT supply-chain stumbling block. Take, for example, Marvell Technologies, which develops and produces semiconductors […]

Why Wait to Upgrade to Windows 11 at Home

Upgrade. Always upgrade. It’s a persistent mantra for technology. And, after all, what homeowner doesn’t want to have the latest-and-greatest tech available? Still, you may want to wait to upgrade to Windows 11 if you have the Microsoft operating system (OS) in your home. Look at it this way, when software is first delivered, the […]

All You Need to Know about Catchall Emails

The majority of small businesses rely on email as their primary means of acquiring and retaining customers. When that’s the case, you can’t afford to miss emails prospects send you. A catchall email can help prevent that from happening. Read on to find out all you need to know about catchall emails. Catchall emails literally […]

How to Save on Hardware Refreshes

Your business may have an established hardware refresh cycle. Good. Or you might refresh hardware every few years when you feel it’s needed. OK, so you like the casual approach. That can work, too. You don’t refresh your hardware? Not a great plan. Yet, no matter what, you’ll want to read this article about how […]

Turn Your Tablet into a Child-Friendly Device

Tablets are convenient, light, and portable. Maybe you got a new one during the holiday, or your old one needs replacing. You can feel better about moving to the new device if you turn the old tablet into a child-friendly device. Here’s how. Before giving your tablet up, clear your browsing history, emails, and banking […]

How to Prevent Password Spraying Attacks

Bad cyber actors are what the kids these days would call “try hards.” They do everything they can think of to get into your accounts. One tactic is password spraying. In case you don’t know about it, this article gives the basics and shares strategies to prevent this type of attack. You’re probably familiar with […]

Don’t Play Games with Privacy: What Is DuckDuckGo?

You may remember playing Duck, Duck, Goose on the playground when you were young. But have you heard of DuckDuckGo? Many haven’t. So, we thought we’d share an introduction to this privacy-focused search engine. DuckDuckGo promises to let you “search the Web without being tracked.” The search engine site touts a simple privacy policy: “We […]

Tech Tips for Small Business Owners in 2022

A new year is a chance for a fresh beginning. To that end, try these tech tips for small business owners to kick 2022 off right. First, launch a successful new year for your business by going mobile. Agility is one of the key differentiators of a small business. Be more flexible than larger competitors […]