Complete Solutions for Small Business specializes in offering complete solutions for small businesses. We understand that you want to just focus on your business. Technology is just a tool that you use to get your work done. Even when technology is being used to differentiate you from your competition, it’s still not really about the technology. Taking the view point of technology being a means to an end lets us offer solutions that work towards a common goal with your business.

What can we do to help you?

While our specialty is finding customized solutions to your problems, there are a few things that many of our clients find commonly beneficial.  All of our solutions are tailored to the size of your company, and how you run your business.

Please explore some of the common solution ideas below that may provide a starting point for understanding how we can help you.

Helping Manage Cash Flow

The single biggest problem that faces most small businesses is managing cash flow. Over half of all small business owners list Cash Flow as their primary concern. Helping to manage cash flow with technology takes an understanding of how small businesses work, as well as knowing what technologies are available. consultants can analyze how your business works, how your cash flows, and how you can streamline the process. From managing vendors, to automated invoicing and payment gateways, to effective digital marketing campaigns to drive more customers your way, we’re here to help.

•  Use modern accounting systems for proper tracking, trending and reporting on cash flow

•  Automate where ever possible to spend less time on tasks that don’t help your cash flow

•  Accept Debit / Credit / EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer) to be paid on time

•  Build client profiles to engage your clients with more personalized services and offers

•  Use a CRM to track leads and track conversions to customers based on multiple details

•  Set up an e-commerce site for your products and services to make buying easier

•  Establish Loyalty Programs to reward repeat customers

Professional Offices

Many small businesses offer professional service and are in direct competition with large organizations.  A smaller organization is able to offer much more personalized service, but often lacks the tools that larger organizations have.  Let help you close that gap.  With many years of experience in implementing robust solutions on extremely affordable budgets we’re able to deploy a vast array of enterprise grade technology at small business prices.

•  Extensive use of Open Source, affordable solutions

•  High Performance, Secure Firewalls

•  Intrusion Detection and Prevention Systems

•  VPNs to allow work from anywhere

•  VoIP for seamless in and out of office telephone systems with advanced features

•  Centralized content management and document management systems

•  Large capacity, high performance, high availability network file storage

•  Email systems without Microsoft license fees or monthly license fees