How do I control IT costs without missing out?

Effective cost control can be the difference between a year in the red and a year in the black. It’s no secret that setting a healthy budget puts a company on the path to success, and we love to help companies succeed. Cost control starts with identifying your business’ expenses and ends with finding ways to reduce them. If you are reading this, you’ve probably identified an expense that needs a little elbow grease. Our job is to help you find simple and effective ways to reduce them.

It’s safe to assume that any company with a plan for the future has a sense of fiscal responsibility. Yes, setting up a budget is absolutely essential to success. Along with a budget come backup plans, contingencies, and emergency funds; as the adage goes, we plan for the worst and hope for the best. Where it’s easy to fall short, though, is coming in under budget. Sometimes you can get so caught up in putting out fires, that you forget to fireproof. A computer crashes, so you buy a new one. Your max out your server loads, so you buy new servers. Your IT staff can’t cover all your issues (or you don’t have IT staff to start with!), so you hire a new person. These are short-term solutions to problems that don’t need to be problems.

You could hire a burger-flipper to manage your IT network, and they could probably do it with enough time and practice. It’s an idea to scoff at, but here’s another one: The local burger joint could hire you to prepare food and you would probably offer a lower value proposition than that burger-flipper turned IT network-manager. There’s the right tool for the job and the right person for the job. You could spend your budget putting out fires, buying tools for the job but still missing the best value proposition, or you could hire the right people with the right tools, stop putting out fires, focus on other things, and come in under budget.

Google doesn’t supply their own power. Wal-Mart doesn’t build the machines that wax their floors. We don’t fly airplanes, but we can definitely handle all your IT issues while offering the best value. Technology increases efficiency at exponential rates. Without it, you’re hampering your potential. With the wrong technology, you’re wasting money and being inefficient. We’re the option behind door #3, a company that knows what you need, how to help, and how to save you money.

Expanding your business brings up a list of new expenses: PC repairs, virtual servers, VoIP setup, frequent IT support, and more. Before you throw any more money down a wishing well, give us a call and we’ll set up an appointment to help you find the best solutions for your business’s unique environment.