About PCRepairs.com

PCRepairs.com is a company made up of people who love what they do. Combining an extensive set of individual talents and over 30 years of professional IT experience, our team has come together with a shared goal: serving small businesses. We see the passion that business owners have for their livelihood, and share their desire to affect the bottom line. That same drive and passion to do something well brought our team together, and we hope we can share that passion with your business.

Our desire to offer the best technical and customer service rings through the company, from hiring to internal processes; everything is purposefully crafted to create excellence. We work hard to provide the best service for your business, and we grow our team with people that feel the same way. Each new member goes through a unique training program that guarantees you’ll always have the highest level of expertise available. Our client surveys and feedback tools identify problem areas, allowing us to customize our workflow and ensure we’re always offering the best customer experience.

Our executive team has a diverse background. There is over a century of combined high end, dedicated professional experience driving the team that will provide service to your business. We utilize on-site and remote support staff with a broad range of experience so that we’re able to provide the service you need at the lowest price. All of our remote support staff are local – not outsourced from overseas. We take pride in being a 100% Canadian company and all of our staff live in the same communities we support.

Contact us today for a free consultation to see how we can help your business reduce IT costs, improve efficiency, or simply relieve your technology pain points.