How SaaS Can Save Your Business Money

When you see the acronym SaaS you may not immediately think of dollar signs, though the S’s are pretty close. Yet Software as a Service, what SaaS stands for, can save business money. What is SaaS? For SaaS to save you money, you need to understand what this solution involves. Think back to a few years […]

Beyond the Ransom: Dealing with Ransomware’s Aftermath

Ransomware is on the rise. The estimated 304 million worldwide attacks in 2020 represented a 64% increase. These attacks are growing more costly, too. Ransomware payouts jumped 171% from 2019 to 2020. For businesses in any industry, ransomware is a real threat, and recovery is more taxing than you might think. With ransomware, bad actors […]

Avoid This Top IT Mistake: The “Wait and See” Approach

Patience is often a virtue, and being budget-conscious is also a plus in business. Yet taking a “wait and see” approach with business tech is a top IT mistake. There is a lot of uncertainty in the current economy. You may be looking to save money to give your business more budget leeway. But if […]

“Save Me the Money”: Why Work with an MSP

The pandemic, a supply-chain crisis, and rising inflation are impacting the economy. In this current climate, your business may be budgeting with caution, and you might question the value of partnering with a managed service provider (MSP). Yet as counterintuitive as it may seem, adding MSP services could save you money overall. The right MSP […]

Hardware as a Service: What Is It, and Why Use It?

When IT infrastructure is out of date, you face performance and compatibility issues. Your business spends time troubleshooting faulty computer hardware, and productivity is lost. Yet your business can’t afford to update to more advanced technology. The solution? Hardware as a Service. Hardware as a Service allows small or midsized businesses to lease needed computing […]

Turn to Your MSP for Vendor Management

With a managed service provider (MSP), your business expects tech support, infrastructure monitoring, and maintenance. Did you know vendor management is another service you can entrust to these IT experts? You have vendors – lots of them – probably more so now that your work environment has gone hybrid. Yet managing all your vendors can […]

What to Do About the Widening IT Skills Gap

The importance of information technology in meeting business objectives continues to grow. Regrettably, the shortfall in professionals who can manage business tech is also growing. Learn what the IT skills gap means for you. Technology helps businesses meet strategic priorities. This includes: implementing new systems or work processes to enhance efficiencies; innovating and cultivating new […]

Businesses Beware OF Fake Meeting Requests

Hi, Important that we meet discuss speerfishing attacks over business comunicatons. We need to make plan about this IMMEDIATELY. Please click on the link [] to make an appointment with IT for quick tutorial. Regards, IT There are several things wrong with this email, and hopefully, you noticed them. All are red flags you can […]

What an MSP Can Offer Your Business

It’s not as if the name “managed services provider ” (MSP) is that self-explanatory. You might read that business description and have no real idea what it is an MSP can do for you. We’re providing managed services … OK, but what does that mean? To make things easier, this article outlines the actual IT […]

Small Business Can’t Sacrifice Cybersecurity

For small businesses, it can be tempting to postpone cybersecurity efforts. There are many common excuses: “There’s so much to do,” “There’s not enough budget,” “Our business is too small to target,” etc. But right now, cybersecurity is a must-have for every business. Think of it like business insurance. You don’t intend to get sued […]