On-premises Software “Ownership” vs. The Cloud

Cloud computing is common in business. Yet there are some who remain skeptical. One of the sticking points is that the business doesn’t own the software it is using in the cloud. This can cause concern, but this article helps you weigh up the options. Your business has two choices really. Buy a software package […]

Is the Cloud Right for Your Business?

Cloud services have been shaking up the industry for years now, and its adoption by small and mid-sized businesses is driving cloud computing’s growth. Yet while there are many benefits to migrating to the cloud, it isn’t the solution for every situation. This article will explore some reasons why your business may not suit the […]

Hey You, Get Off the Public Cloud

The Rolling Stones sang, “Hey you, get off my cloud,” yet businesses might want to think instead about leaving the public cloud. Weigh these possible public cloud concerns against the advantages of alternate cloud solutions. When most people think of the cloud, they are thinking of the public cloud. Apple users are on its iCloud. […]

Backup Your Apple Computer

There are many moments in life when we would like to travel through time. One common instance is when an important document disappears from our computer screen. Making things worse, we forgot to save it! That’s hours of work lost. Fortunately, Apple users have Time Machine’s built-in backup feature for added protection. This software automatically […]

Cloud Storage or Local Server – The Best of Both

Cloud Storage or Local Server – The Best of Both Cloud computing is the biggest buzzword in business today, and for good reason too. The cloud provides many a new-found freedom to do and achieve more than ever before. Greater collaboration, unlocking work possibilities in new locations and often reducing costs provides a healthy boost […]

What is the Best Way to Backup?

What is the Best Way to Backup? “That will never happen to me.” We get through our lives telling ourselves the worst won’t happen to us. It’s the same with business: “We won’t need this data backup.” Yet, whatever your industry, secure, reliable backup ensures business as usual. So, what’s the best way to backup? […]

When Is Your Business Ready To Move To The Cloud?

How to Make Your Photos Last A Lifetime (and Beyond) Digital cameras are great, and thanks to smartphones, we have one with us almost all the time. We’re taking more photos than ever before, and building a lifetime of digital data. But despite the enormous value of these photos and videos, most people don’t have […]

What Is The Cloud? And Where Is It?

There has been a ton of talk about the cloud. Cloud this, cloud that. But what actually IS the cloud? It’s okay if you don’t know, most people don’t understand it and even some tech people tend to wave their hands towards the sky when trying to explain it! Since it actually has nothing to […]

Does Dropbox Make Sense For Your Business?

It seems so easy! Drag your files into a Dropbox folder and you’ve got yourself a file sharing system that brings your business in line with modern expectations. But then again, maybe not. Dropbox has grown to become one of the main file sharing and cloud storage solutions of choice, with a core simplicity that’s […]