Could the Business You Work for be More IT Savvy?

Working for a small business, you can be asked to wear many hats. Even if one of your many roles is not IT, you may need to speak up about your business technology or cybersecurity.

It’s easy to think cybersecurity is someone else’s responsibility, but IT may not be getting the attention it deserves, and that could be damaging to the business, your career, and your identity.

A data breach can destroy a business. Cybersecurity Ventures estimates that 60% of small businesses close within six months of a breach. It’s easy to calculate why. In Ponemon’s annual Cost of Data Breach report, the average cost was $161 per record. That adds up. If you’re at a business that can’t recover, you could be out looking for work again.

Of course you care about your customers. You don’t want their personally identifiable information (PII) getting out to criminals. But their information isn’t the only thing at risk. Your employer has a lot of PII about you, too. They’ll have your name, address, salary amount, and bank account details. Plus, they may have health information related to your benefits. They probably also have copies of your government identification.

Not only about protection, prevention

If your business tech is out of date, you’re at greater risk of cyber vulnerability. But improving IT isn’t only about protecting data and preventing downtime. Having the right technology to suit your business can also help you be more productive. Speaking up about IT could see the business improve, grow, and gain resiliency.

Working with a good MSP can help both you and your business:

  • If your company isn’t as protected, IT experts can help with data security or backup and disaster recovery.
  • Frustrated by network failures, lagging conference calls, or error messages? Trust the MSP to make sure the business technology is up to the task.
  • When the devices you’re working with aren’t doing what you want them to do, the MSP can suggest the right tools for the job.
  • Feel like you’re wasting time on repetitive or mundane tasks? An MSP partner could help you embrace automation. Allow machines to take on the routine and leave you free to focus on the more challenging and innovative work.

A slow system is painful to use. Having to wait even a few minutes for a computer adds up over a 40-hour work week. Worrying about the security of your data doesn’t help your focus at work either.

You don’t have to be an IT expert to understand that there is room for improvement with your technology. Connect us with your employer to schedule a free consultation for your business needs!

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