The Danger of IT Dashes for Small Business

Few of us would think we could run a marathon, or even a 10-mile race, without training first. Yet the number of people who think they could successfully run a 50-meter dash jumps dramatically, especially if they were being chased by a criminal, cougar, or scary clown. Still, that short sprint would be much easier with proper training, too. So, what does this have to do with IT? A lot, actually – keep reading.

Many businesses are taking a “we’ll dash when we need to” approach to IT. The news of ransomware at a hospital or a data breach at a national mobile carrier gets them spooked, and they are immediately running to try to solve the perceived cybersecurity problem. They’ll buy the newest app or device available, because it must be the best, right? After that they plod along, not paying much attention to good security practices, until the next spike in adrenaline has them dashing to ramp up IT infrastructure again.

But anyone who tries running without stretching or putting on proper shoes knows it is painful. If not in the moment, then the next day when the muscles say, “no way are we getting out of bed today.”

In the IT equivalent, it is more effective to put effort into identifying the best technology for you. Reliable IT isn’t about dashing for that latest device or running from the newest attack – it’s a marathon. You need to be working on it continuously.

Minimize IT Risk with an Integrated Approach

Consistent practices such as ongoing equipment maintenance and patching software provide security long term. Updating IT to better address threats or improve efficiency beats a reactionary buy.

Plus, by taking the time to make considered purchases, you can be sure you buy technology that:

  • integrates with your existing IT environment;
  • solves problems specific to your business needs;
  • minimizes your cybersecurity risks in both the short and long term;
  • doesn’t overcomplicate your infrastructure.

Think about the marathon runner who sets out a training schedule 12 weeks before the big race. They’re a lot less likely to give up or get hurt. Taking a long-term view of your IT needs offers the same benefits. You’re less likely to let it slide after the dash or experience costly downtime.

Managed Service Provider as Running Coach

If you watched the Olympics, you’ll have seen sprinter and distance runner coaches. In your push to build up your cybersecurity muscles, a managed service provider (MSP) can be a big help, too.

Partner with an MSP to gain access to IT experts. They can maintain tech, consult on upgrades, and help secure systems. Instead of paying for an urgent fix, budget around lower, predictable fees for proactive care.

Yes, we can also help you if you have to dash. MSPs have the expertise to diagnose and solve tough IT problems, but we’d much rather run the race alongside you, helping to keep your IT environment in tip top shape mile after mile.

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